About the Daver

The Daver is straight out of the O.C., but departed the left coast at a very early age to grow up wild and free in the heartland of America, western Oklahoma.

The Daver is a proud graduate of "the Harvard of the Heartland, the Princeton of the Prairie," Oklahoma State University.  Armed with a fine degree in education, the Daver spent one year teaching science in the public school system before returning to college as quickly as possible so as to learn to do something - anything! - else.

After a highly successful stint as a poor graduate student, both at the Masters (finished) and Doctorate (not even close) level, the Daver turned his back on all he had learned to pursue a career path totally unrelated to anything he had ever studied.  Thanks for paying for school, mom and dad!

Now, many years later, the Daver pines for those carefree days of yesteryear, and wonders how in the world he got so fat.  However, he also has a fine job and good friends, not to mention a swell family.

Some quick facts:

  • Lives in the country in Arkansas with all sorts of interesting people
  • No kids of his own, but plays well with other people's whippersnappers
  • Has a dog named Rusty, but still misses his dog named Mookie.  UPDATE: Now also has a beagle-mutt named Oden...named after the town in which she was found, not a misspelling of the Norse god.
  • Drives a 1998 Toyota Tacoma, and wouldn't trade it for anything (except a new Toyota Tacoma).  UPDATE: 2011 Tacoma now sits in my driveway.
  • Was once an active athlete; is now actively a non-athlete
  • Books, man, books!
  • Digs the desert, moved by the mountains, in awe of the ocean, hates the city (especially Houston)
  • Wears plain Polo t-shirts 4 out of 5 days.  UPDATE: Have moved away from Polo, now I wear Carhart.
  • Loves to travel, especially to Africa
  • 13% disabled in the left hand...really just means he can't make an effective peace sign
  • Likes to take photos.  UPDATE: See UPDATE below.
  • Likes to star gaze with the naked eye, his binoculars and his telescope.  UPDATE: Have recently been experimenting with combining these two likes...time-lapse photography of the night sky.  Click here for an early example.
  • Funny as all get out


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Reader Comments (3)

That Daver synopsis just made my day!
I was pretty familiar with all your points except the last one.. and the 13% disability you have in your left hand.
You would definitely not fit into Asia, it's a requirement to be able to pose with a double peace sign in group photos.
It's not just a's true..

September 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterYuriko


September 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAna

What's not to love? I like that you referred to the "left coast."

September 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJeff
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