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Kenya 2009 - Day 3 at Brackenhurst

Day three with the kids, a very fine day. We have had beautiful weather here at Brackenhurst, the sun was shining all day with warm, but not too hot, weather.

Again, we did VBS in the morning. Today's lesson was about helping others, drawing from the story of Jesus helping the blind man. The kids spent time memorizing a Bible verse, doing crafts and playing games.  We are also getting ready for our Christmas Party so the kids are decorating stockings. The kids absolutely love doing crafts, and are very, very creative.  Besides their craft projects, you also see this in very subtle ways as you watch them create belts out of bandanas, earrings out of stickers and glue, and bracelets out of scrap paper and glitter.

In the afternoon we had a lot of time to spend just visiting or playing, what I think of as the “golden hours.” This is why I come, to spend time just talking. We talk about Swahili words I try to learn, favorite subjects in school, what it's like to be outside in snow (hard for them to imagine), favorite Bible stories, the best fruit, the names of the planets, Obama, songs, and anything else we think of.

I suppose all mission trips are similar in that they are the sum total of a thousand special moments. Each trip participant returns home with stories and memories and wounds of the heart unique to that individual. We are all touched, blessed and changed by the children here, by the realities they face and the challenges they must overcome, by their resilience and good spirit, and by their kindness and gentleness. For me, at least, it is a very powerful place to be.

In my mind, each is a literal God-send when I come to Kenya to see these kids. These kids, I mean. As it is my 5th trip to visit the children of the BCC, I have come to view these children as more than precious children (although they are that for sure). Much more. They are a part of my heart, my soul. The are my family in some ways. When we're apart I long to see them, when we're together I dread to leave. For many reasons, some I'm sure I can't put into words, these gentle, funny, kind, sweet orphans have completely laid claim to my heart. I love them all.

If I sound over-the-top sentimental, I do apologize. After having a day like the one I had today, though, it is hard to not be moved into a certain degree of sappiness. I'll try to clean up my language tomorrow.  

(By the way, all of us trip participants are doing fine.  No problems.)

Presenting some of the world's most beautiful children:


Reader Comments (3)

Look how good Mutetti looks! What a great looking boy. Dave-all I want for Christmas is pictures of all those sweet children.

I hope that tomorrow is even more magical than today.


December 6, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterHilary

What beautiful children.
Having only 5 days with them must be heart wrenching.
Love the photos.
Thanks for keeping us updated on the trip.

Thinking of you Dave

December 9, 2009 | Unregistered Commenteryuriko

it is wonderful hearing about your heart for these kids!
i love that you are there and i'm praying for y'all as you leave today, you are my favorite and i want to talk about missions with you one day!

December 12, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterpaige rowley
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